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The history of a plant or plants.



This is my seventieth DECORATION DAY, (yes I know the name has changed) but it has always been a special day as it was the day my mother prepared flowers to decorate the graves of our ancestral history and the forgotten soldiers that had fought to make America free. From where we lived we had to trek in all four directions to visit the many cemeteries and graves this process took about a week to accomplish. I wish I could remember the stories mother told of each person that we stopped by and there location but time has eroded my mind. Continue reading

Welcome to the Gardening Whisperer

I 16 copyGod has given this earth a vast diversity of plant life; this is to fit the many niches all over the world. As man has traveled he has taken plants with him and to serve his needs. These plants were for food, comfort and some were to enhance and beautify his home, while some were just plan interesting. Subsequently early man started the process of making plants better. This tinkering with the genetics has been one of many fascinations of early man finding a better corn or more attractive plant. In the early 1900 every seed and nursery catalog had its list of new plants. Continue reading