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Welcome to the Front Page of “The Gardening Whisperer”. This web site consists of five pages. ********************************************************************************

Page One: “Front Page” “That is the page you are on now.”

This is the web site that is the views and desires of one person. To get individuals to produce more of their own vegetables. Consequently, increasing not only the amount of food grown for their family’s consumption and health but also it amplifies the amount of diversity of produce in their daily consumption.  Home grown foods are better and heather for your body

Make Gardening Great Again


Page Two: “About us“. An autobiography of my life in horticulture. “40+ years”

Ken Wilson in front of ornamental flowering cherries

********************************************************************************Page Three:  “News”: This is where all my posts are kept. It is where you can read and comment on these posts. They include:

Weather Frog
  • History of Plants
  • People that have changed the course plants
  • Heirloom Plants
  • New Plants
  • Books


Page Four: “Contact Page”: This is where you contact me to ask questions or give your advice.

********************************************************************************Page Five: “Images of Nature and Horticulture”: I have collected images for forty plus years in the my sales years plus ones in my retirement years. “While spending hours in hospitals I thought others might enjoy my pictures.

I am building this page and it is not complete yet.