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Hello my name is Ken Wilson

I want to THANK YOU for taking your time to visit My Blog.

My interest in nature and plants began well before I went to college I grew many plants with my mother and sold the produce to a local grocery store for summer income. In high school I spent a summer at my grandparents which gave me a whole new look at gardening under my grandfathers’ influence.

After completing my degree in botany I had a 33 month trip around the world from the Army seeing amassing places that I never thought about.  When I returned I knew that the horticulture field was where I wanted to work.

After working for two years in a greenhouse going back to get my masters in horticulture was the next step in my life. Following graduation I have been a sales representative for several broker companies most of my life. Along the way I was half owner in a florist and garden center. I also manage several others garden centers, written articles and given numerous talks concerning horticulture. I have taken photographs that have been published. Passing on advice as to what plants go where and doing many landscape designs for friends and working with plant stores going from nursery to nursery trying to find different plants I have come to a conclusion:

Fact is there are thousands of plants that are “NEW” discovered each year, only a small fraction make it to a retail store and fewer make it back the second year. Numerous never discovered and get to the home owners garden, some if they are lucky will be retained as parents for future plants.  Some get branded with other plants and get driven into the market place where if the brand is good the individual plants will be successful.

Finding and discussing the values of good plants that have been dumped on the side because more space has to be given to new “NEW” will be a challenge.  Aided by friends and catalogs I will present these plants for consideration in your gardens, along with natives that have been passed over as sub-par for landscaping.

In the 300 to 400 years of history there are countless individuals that have added their expertise and know-how to the science known as Horticulture. Each time adding another layer of awareness. I intend to seek out these individuals and present them to you to add to your information and knowledge.

Many books are written each day and are published and sit on store shelves as no one has given a place to be discussed.  People that need to read these books do not know of their existence.  I will establish a forum give book reviews and discussions on both new and old books.

Now for the challenge I cannot do this without your help. Please go to the blog section and ask your question or give your insight as blog are two way streets. I need your input.

Once Again (Thanks!) for stopping by to see my Blog.

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