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The dialogue will be about the weather and how it effects plant growth.



Spring is around the corner, if you do not consider it so then look at your maples either red’s or silvers the bids are ever so puffed up. A couple of warm days and the will be in bloom, Sunrise Tree copy smallwhich is enormous as the pollinators will have new source of food.

Just look at this picture and see the buds on this tree and the magnificent sunrise.

Hope all are having a nice spring!!!

Spring Is Coming 65 Days

Spring Is Coming 65 Days

Spring Is Coming 65 Days

On this cold January day we have only 65 days left until spring arrives, are you ready? No one knows what is store for the next 65 days and neither does the groundhog that may or not see his shadow. The trees and bulbs are getting their necessary cold so that they can bloom. Put out plenty of birdseed so they can make it through the cold winter

Stay warm.


©Ken Wilson Gardening Whisperer 2016

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END OF 2015 START OF 2016

END OF 2015 START OF 2016

To my many friends ;

This is an ending picture of the year; it is a tribute of lilacs of past spring and the consideration of next spring’s blossoms to come. I hope you’ll (southern term) have had a grand 2015 and will have an enormous 2016.

I hope 2016 will bring me time and energy to write more and take more incredible photos so I can share it with my friends.

Once again have Happy 2016.

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Full Cold Moon 2015

Full Cold Moon 2015

On the night of Christmas on a December that ends a very wet year, a Full Cold Moon will be shinning if the clouds will let it appear.  This is a full moon that happens only on occasions, the last being in 1977.  It will be at 99% both on the night of Dec 24th and on 26Th. The fullest being on 25th at 6:11 am EST. just as it sets; this rare occasion will again appear in the skies in 2034.

This has only appeared 9 times in American History the first was December 25th, 1776, when Washington and his troops crossed Delaware. Fortunately, it was cloudy and the moon was hidden as Washington was able to cross and surprises the Hessians then taking the town of Trent will little resistance. This changed history as if they had been seen there might not be the United States.

With any luck and if clouds will allow maybe I can get another great moon picture.

© 2015

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Rainbows are common but yet still are exciting to see. Rainbows are the sun passing through water crystals. When nature does not give you a full rainbow you must work with what you get.

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