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The dialogue will be about the weather and how it effects plant growth.



Rainbows are common but yet still are exciting to see. Rainbows are the sun passing through water crystals. When nature does not give you a full rainbow you must work with what you get.

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Two Full Moons in July

Full Moons of July


Full Buck Moon and Blue Moon

We just finished the wettest month (June) ever in St. Louis. Going into June we were behind the yearly average by 1.59 inches. June’s has an average rainfall of 3.83 inches; we received 10.51 inches thus we are ahead of the year by 5.09 inches. The forecast for July is hot, hot, and hot so this may dry us out; I hope.  The normal rainfall for July is 3.9 inches and the total for the year is 39.79 leaving us with only more 15 inches left for a normal year.

July has two full moons; One, July 1 which is called the Full Buck Moon and the other on July 31 is called the Blue Moon.  Read why it called the dog days of summer and what is behind the names of the full moons on The Farmer’s Almanac;

Bee and Misquotes

Other tidbits the Japanese Beetles are back and misquotes if they are not here they coming. (See picture) I hope we can see the full moon tonight instead of rain clouds. Hoping to see monarchs any day they were here several years ago and have not come to my garden since, but that is part of gardening; Hope.

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Pink Moon April

Pink Moon April

Full Moon III


April Pink Moon

From my Front Yard

Yes, once again there is a full moon upon us on April 4th.  Besides there is a full moon there will also be an eclipse starting at 6:15 and by 6:33 CDT the moon will be 70% covered in Chicago.  One of the several names for this moon is the Pink Moon. It is because of pink Phlox or ground Phlox which is native and blooms for a long time in the spring. The best days to go fishing are the 5th, 6th, and 7th April.

Go to this link and read the full story.

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Full Moon

Full Worn Moon

This Month’s “Tonight to be exact” is a Full Moon. It has several names and The Farmers Almanac has a great article on them.

Go and read the article.

The moon and the full moon have always been connected to gardening and planting. I have always been interested in how it affects planting. I will discuss it later.

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Groundog Day


Well, the first month of the year is over, and as winters from the past, it was not unpleasant. The perception was down from the average but in this winter in Missouri, we received one (1”) inch we will be thankful.  Like a lot of times Mother Nature comes back on the first day of February we have already gotten one half of an inch (.5”).

Today is what my father called a great holiday. No, it is not really a holiday but he would talk about as he felt it was the coming of spring. He also knew he would have to start plowing to get the garden ready for the rest of us to plant.  There is a great article in the ‘Farmers Almanac’ telling how any why ‘Ground Hog’ Day came about.

No matter what the ‘Ground Hog’ predicts the almanac states that we will have snow and cold through the March.  Well with that said there will be times to do gardening, how do I know this? The low for February is -5 degrees (1980) and the high is 62 degrees in 1986. What this means is on the warm days get out and remove all the dead vegetation from the garden. Trim trees and especially your fruit trees. Remove any potential insect trouble spots where insects have been in the past spray with dormant oil before they get hatching in the spring. Do not put on any chemicals on your driveway to remove the ice that will harm the vegetation.

Once again Happy Groundhog Day and Good Gardening.