Pink Moon April

Pink Moon April

Full Moon III


April Pink Moon

From my Front Yard

Yes, once again there is a full moon upon us on April 4th.  Besides there is a full moon there will also be an eclipse starting at 6:15 and by 6:33 CDT the moon will be 70% covered in Chicago.  One of the several names for this moon is the Pink Moon. It is because of pink Phlox or ground Phlox which is native and blooms for a long time in the spring. The best days to go fishing are the 5th, 6th, and 7th April.

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As for the moisture we were down .75in in March and for the year we are down 2.77”.  With the rain tonight we could catch up but the average for April is 3.88 inches. I can remember several 10” rains in spring and that would really help. We are told we are behind what that means and what does it take to catch up. I am interested in your thoughts please respond to me with your ideas and next month I will respond with some of your answers.

The picture was taken on March 30th of March from my front yard.

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