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Book Review 100 Easy To Grow Native Plants

100 Easy To Grow Native Plants

For American Gardens In Temperate Zones


Lorraine Johnson


100 Easy To Grow Native Plants, For American Gardens in Temperate Zones. This book is reviewed by Kenneth Wilson “The Gardening Whisperer”.

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This review is prepared to be on www.Gadeneningwhisperer.com  Lorraine is a writer and gardener, she has written over 23 books mostly on gardening in the urban settings and other topics.  On her posts in ‘The City Farmer”; http://www.cityfarmer.info/2010/05/01/lorraine-johnsons-city-farmer-adventures-in-urban-food-growing-coming-on-may-22-2010/ , she writes on gardening and topics that are important for a city garden. The book is published by; ‘A Firefly Books copyright© 2009.’ Continue reading