Dormant Oil


On the eve of another snowstorm all over North America, it might be difficult to see the spring that is coming around the corner. Adding to the perception of we get this week we are still behind by two (2.5) inches, but we will catch up. Now is a great time to think about several ideas that will shorten your work time in your yard this summer.

  • We watch the precipitation or moisture we receive: This will determine if irrigation is necessary all from germinating seed to new plants that we will plant in spring… I will find out how much we get and let you know…
  • Remember what insect problems that occurred last Year: Decide if you had insects, like aphids, scale, tent caterpillars or others, if so a dormant spray would give you a jump on the expanding numbers of these insects. If you do this in winter then you keep from burning leaves when they unfurl. There are several types of dormant oil, go to your garden centers and learn what your options are.
  • Roses: Cut back roses and remove any dead canes and leaves from under the remaining canes. Then spray with dormant oil. Fertilizer should not be added until buds start to break.
  • Fruit Trees: Now is the time to help the production of your fruit trees. Elimination of unwanted limbs and clean-up any leaves and debris under your fruit trees. This will reduce the number of fruits remaining on the tree and make the remaining ones bigger and sweeter. The removal of old leaves will reduce insect invasions. It is also time to apply dormant oil.
  • Moon phases: The phase is in the Waxing Gibbous. And the Full Moon is March 5th

I hope this will give you some things to think about and plan to do in your garden.

Happy Gardening

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