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While doing research on my article on new varieties I ran across this variety Clematis recta SERIOUS BLACK™ (AKA Clematis recta ‘Lime Close’) (Bush Clematis)—Completely different than all the other Clematis offered, SERIOUS BLACK™ is a bush type rather than a vine type and it can stand up on its own but also is the perfect companion for taller perennials. It is easily grown in decorative patio containers as well. The name SERIOUS BLACK™ references its extraordinarily dark purple new foliage which matures to deep olive green. In late spring to early summer, antique ivory colored blossoms about the size of a nickel appear in clusters reminiscent of Sweet Autumn Clematis. They often reappear in midsummer, blooming on the deep purple new growth, and silvery seed heads follow in fall. You can imagine how the light-colored blossoms jump out against the dark foliage. The effect is stunning and would add great interest to the garden. This would add another purple leaf plant to the garden.

In contrast to bush clematis, also called upright clematis, most gardeners think of clematis as vines that twine around a trellis or arbor, producing large flowers in great profusion. The plants described here are the shrub clematis, which is excellent for the bed or border. Clematis is a Greek word for “brushwood” and refers to the plant’s branches.

Another bush clematis would include; “Clematis recta purple”, “Clematis recta White” and Clematis recta mini White” All of these plants offer another aspect to your perennial garden.

Clematis Serious Black is rather new and could be hard to find in the US, so we recommend ordering early to be able to obtain one for your collection.

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