Digiplexis Illumination “Flame”

Digiplexis Illumination “Flame”

Digiplexis Illumination “Flame” When something comes along that is different everyone should know. I have seen this plant in several trade journals and it shows great promise. It is from the foxglove family and is truly annual but the flower power that it shows will truly make it a great addition to any garden. It is a plant that was breed by a company out of England called Thompson & Morgan.

Its growth habit is 24” tall and 15” wide with multiple stalks of rose and soft orange-colored tubular flowers that look to be about 8” to 12” long. This plant needs regular water and fertilizer grows in full sun from early summer until fall. Also, I would think that it would need deadheading to remove old flowers and encouraging new shoots to arise from the sides.

Of its many attributes, it is sterile which allows the bloom to stay on longer but I do not know if it will be a favorite of hummingbirds, as they go after the nectar.

It has won several trade awards and I feel it will go on to win more. I am sure other colors will follow. I was so fascinated that I purchased one to watch wow it truly grows. This plant may be one of those plants that show up greatly in beds and borders and will stand out the whole summer.

Watch for this plant in your local Garden Centers and buy one to see how it works in your garden. Remember this plant in Saint Louis is an annual not a perennial

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